Crowdfunding site Kickstarter received over 30m visitors ...

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Kickstarter and all the projects that are becoming a reality thanks to the awesome power of crowd-funding. In fact, we just took a...   more»
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Understanding Crowdfunding Fees

Kickstarter projects come from a wide variety of topics

I recently funded my first Kickstarter project, a board game called Warparty that I have high hopes for. If you have never heard about Kickstarter before, let me explain the basic concept. Kickstar...   more»

Clearly they have come into their own

Darling of the crowdfunders, Kickstarter released its stats for the past year, and there is a lot of data to digest. The total number of projects is more than double from last year, the success rat...   more»

Crowdfunding is a trend that has truly earned its chops l...

Crowdfunding is a trend that has truly earned its chops lately, with Kickstarter seeing its first two $1m projects emerge within 24 hours last month. But what happens after the...   more»
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