Sony has come up with their very own plastic

The TV business is a cut-throat one, and with South Korean companies seemingly having the upper hand against the Japanese, it is not surprising to see some players drop out of the game. Sony themse...   more»

How are you going to get rid of your next PC?

Electronic waste, or e-waste as it is more commonly known, is a huge problem facing both the developed and undeveloped world. Many old computer parts contain materials that are hazardous to the env...   more»
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This is an important step in the right direction.

On Monday, the Consumer Electronics Association announced that participants in the eCycling Leadership Initiative managed to recycle 460 million pounds of consumer electronics in 2011. This number ...   more»
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Have you participated in an electronics recycling program?

  • I have had a bin of electronics set aside to take to Best Buy or anywhere that will recycle the electronics responsibly....It's one of the hardest things to recycle, it seems! So glad this topic came up!