It is hard to ignore the possibility...of this happening ...

O.K., now things are really getting serious. Rumors coming out of Taiwan say that display panels for the purported iPad mini will be manufactured by LG Display and AU Optronics. When display panel ...   more»

Half of the poll takers expressed their interest in a sma...

There have been plenty of rumors suggesting that Apple could be working on an iPad mini that could come in a 7” form factor. While that remains to be seen, according to a poll conducted by PriceGra...   more»

Apple could open up the market nicely at a ‘child-friendl...

If a tree falls in the forest, will we still speculate that Apple is going to come out with a mini version of the iPad? Sure we will and you can bet Apple is watching and reading while we do it. If...   more»

I’ve begun to see how an iPad mini could be a benefit.

Now that rumors are hitting the street on a daily basis, it is hard to ignore the possibility that Apple is making a smaller screened device with a lower price tag. Just today, it was reported that...   more»

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