The Birdy helps you keep track of your daily spending

    Are you one of those who is stressed out of where your money actually goes with a never ending amount of money being spent but confused where it went at the end of the month. Don’t worry you ar...   more»
The Technology Cafe

Visualize your finances with infographics

Some folks just aren’t all that great with money. For some it’s because it’s just not something that’s fun to do. They have all the knowledge and understanding, but it just a boring bit of drudgery...   more»
Cult of Mac

It is an open source tool to manage your money

Admittedly, there are plenty of different software tools that help you manage your finances. However, a huge portion of those that are worthwhile cost money (sometimes a lot). The solution, obvious...   more»
Make Use Of

This app is indispensable for traveling businessmen

For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found five great apps to add to your iPad collection. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best and most interesting apps and then brings them to ...   more»

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