Buying the ad-free version...can directly translate into ...

A joint study between Microsoft Research and Purdue University has taken a look at how smartphone applications handle power consumption and come to some damning conclusions where energy efficiency ...   more»

Plan to run your iPad through a complete charge cycle

Apple devotees have scrutinized the new iPad’s battery life and charging status since the tablet’s debut last month. Whether you are using a brand new device, or still relying on an original iPad, ...   more»

A run once and forget about it application

A recent trend in mobile computing is to make devices as slim as possible. We have seen Intel create the Ultrabooks brand for that purpose, and even though it is being used rather loosely, laptops ...   more»

The app will advise a user to either restart or reinstall

Carat, new app for iOS Free, iTunes and Android Free, Google Play, has been designed to give users a personalized set of recommendations on their app usage to help extend their battery life. Develo...   more»

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